Why Attend

PowHer International Women’s Summit (PowHer)

Are you an aspiring business owner? A trendsetter? Are you stagnant in your business venture? A millennial looking to start a business? Is your dream to be in the C-Suite? Are you an Inventor? Are you a scientist?

At a time when we recognize that the landscape of our environment is changing, it’s imperative that we as women, address and discuss issues that affect our position(s) in business, leadership – political, civic, health and social.

It is also essential to have discussions in order to discover ways in which we can be a catalyst for women empowerment.

At the PowHER Women’s International Summit, we plan to:

  • Bring women together from different ethnicities.
  • Discuss issues that affect women.
  • Assist women in acknowledging and recognizing the power within and channel that power through innovation, inspiration and cooperation.
  • Discuss how women can build and elevate their brand.

Participants of the summit, will hear from phenomenal speakers in business, education, health care, social and community leadership and more. You will leave the summit motivated and emPowHERed!